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Acting with Planète Enfants is to permit thousands of women and children to find a better life, to step out of a dangerous circle of poverty, to find more hope and shelter from violence.
Struggling against the trafficking of human being successfully is a reality. The action of Planète Enfants is a testimonial. It is also a team effort and the fruit of good will.
If today the action of Planète Enfants is focused on Nepal, similar situations exist in other countries, notably in the Philippines, where the association would like to extend its programs.

In order to continue to help the most fragile and to achieve our goal of expansion, we need your help:
If you are a professional, you can support Planète Enfants by offering partnerships
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If you are an individual, Planète Enfants invites you to join our action :
- Through your financial support
- By offering your volunteer time and skills
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