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In your professional capacity (corporation, school, association...) we invite you to establish a partnership with Planète Enfants.

Becoming a partner

Becoming a partner of Planète Enfants involves sharing in its goals and actions, helping to make the humanitarian actions of the association better known to the general public, and to develop its international solidarity programs through support, either in the form of financing or human resources. Partners who sign up in the long term also allow us to program our activities and to allocate our resources more effectively.

But this is also a means by which the corporation claims its social and environmental responsibility, increasing its global social impact, increasing its visibility, burnishing the civic image of the corporation, finding sources of inspiration and motivation for its colleagues. In school settings this can become a highly valuable project.

Finally Planète Enfants offers to share its experience and know-how in the domain of the Rights of Man and community action with its partners.

They are already partners

voyager copie« Voyager Autrement" is a solidarity branch of Vacances Bleues. Created in 2000, "Voyager Autrement" specializes in solidarity travel. Thanks to a partnership established between Voyager Autrement and Planète Enfants at the end of 2011 19 sponsors of the association participated in a 14 day visit of Nepal. The trip combined the discovery of the natural beauty of this fascinating country as well as its culture; they included visits to the projects of Planète Enfants and meetings with teams in the field. The operation was renewed in November of 2012.


logoToprural the number one site for rural tourism in Europe. Each year Toprural dedicates funds to an NGO. After 3 weeks of voting on Facebook Planète Enfants was chosen by the users of Toprural to receive a donation of 1,000 euros. We wish to heartily thank Toprural and all the internet visitors for their solidarity.


bandeau-logo zolpanZolpan works with its partners to awaken consciousness concerning durable development. Zolpan manages a fund of 15,000€ to be distributed between a maximum of 5 projects involved in "durable development" in the environmental or social domains. These are domains in which its partners are personally committed through the associations they represent. Zolpan has donated a sum of 2,000€ to Planète Enfants.


logogdThe first free press distribution service. It allows us, free of charge, to make our activities known to internet users and journalists. Several thousand visitors and contacts access it daily.



googlegrants copieGoogle Grants gives free publicity to non profit organizations. This is a unique, free program created for charitable organizations to distribute publicity through AdWords. We wish to thank this program which has chosen to include Planète Enfants as one of its beneficiaries since August 2011.


poujalatThe Cheminées Poujoulat company joined Planète Enfants in the sponsorship of the first edition of the trans-Atlantic race, La Solidaire du Chocolat. This race has the unique feature of including an element of solidarity, since each boat supports the project of an association. The Cheminées Poujoulat company, historic sponsor of Bernard Stamm and Bruno Jourdren, has decided to become the sponsor of Planète Enfants and to contribute 25,000 euros in order to help us develop our activities. This sum will allow us to replicate the project for the prevention of children in the streets of the slums of Khatmandu.


veoVeoSearch is an innovative online multi-support service (search, shopping, downloads) whose distinguishing feature is the promotion of Sustainable Development in partnership with associations. Planète Enfants is now a partner of VeoSearch. 50% of the revenues generated by publicity are re-distributed to associations sponsored by internet users. The more we gain support from internet users the greater will be the funds raised for our projects. Go to :  HYPERLINK ""
Sign up for the VeoSearch service then select Planète Enfants as your NGO, if you wish to support us, by adding us to "My selection". Spread the word around you, solidarity is only a click away.


wamEn partenariat avec Planète Enfants, la société WAM-We Are Mobile invente le jeu mobile solidaire ! Le principe est simple : pour tout achat d’un jeu WAM pour votre téléphone mobile, WAM reverse 10% à Planète Enfants.  Chaque jeu est vendu 4€*. Avec WAM, découvrez le meilleur du jeu mobile : jouez des titres mythiques de l'histoire du rock avec Guitar  Hero 5 Mobile®, testez votre culture générale avec Qui veut gagner des millions ? 2010®, jouez aux échecs avec le maître Kasparov®, entraînez votre cerveau avec le Génie cérébral 2®, devenez une légende du Poker avec WSOP 3: Hold'em Legend® et beaucoup d'autres...  

Sur le site Internet vous pourrez :  
- Découvrir l’ensemble du catalogue
- Acheter vos jeux mobiles WAM directement en ligne
- Trouver le distributeur WAM le plus proche de chez vous
(2000 buralistes dans toute la France)


ailleurs exactement copieAilleurs Exactement has graciously created our communication campaign. The following magazines have broadcast it:
-  Courrier Cadre
-  Le Monde Diplomatique
-  Le Nouvel Observateur


cerenaultLe comité d’entreprise  Renault VSF  soutient le projet Planète Enfants de prévention à l’enfance des rues de Katmandou. En effet, le comité d’entreprise propose aux salariés un voyage solidaire au Népal en octobre 2009. Des fonds seront reversés à l’association et les heureux voyageurs auront l’occasion de rencontrer l’équipe de Planète Enfants sur le terrain et de visiter certains de nos programmes. Nous remercions également l’agence de voyage Partir, grâce à qui ce partenariat a pu se réaliser.



aibcAIBC , an import-export company for name-brand agricultural food products (LU, EVIAN, VOLVIC, KRAFT, ORANGINA) is not only an exporter on the African continent, but also has an ethic of supporting humanitarian activities. AIBC has committed to working alongside Planète Enfants and contributes to financing the activities of the association: for each bottle of Evian 2009 (designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier) purchased, AIBC will give 0,50€/bottle to the association.


logo pprThe PPR group supports Planète Enfants since 2010 in the work of welcoming and reintegrating victims of sexual exploitation in Khatmandu. The PPR group also joined Planète Enfants in order to create the holiday greeting cards for 2011, for the profit of the association.



neuf cegetel copieNeuf Cegetel provides the Paris offices of Planète Enfants with free internet high speed connection.



logo charitic soleilSite internet solidaire, met en relation donateurs (particuliers et entreprises) et associations. Facile à utiliser, cet outil de collecte participe à notre notoriété et à notre recherche de fonds, mais aussi plus largement à la responsabilité citoyenne des entreprises. Nous leur souhaitons bonne chance dans leur démarche !



solilandSoliland donates to us up to 15% of the purchase price of items purchased on their internet site if you select Planète Enfants as the association you wish to benefit. And if you choose Solisurf as your access page to Google, 50% of the revenues paid by Google to Solisurf will be sent to us. This is a simple way to help us free of charge!



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