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You have the choice of several ways in which to financially support the association.

And you can also become a volonteer

Make a donation
The importance of private donations (as compared to external funds acquired from corporate foundations, for example) guarantees Planète Enfants its independence and financial strength.

By giving 15 euros per month, for example, you allow us to provide:
- The milk necessary for 6 children in a day care center in the slums
- Educational material for 20 children in that day care center
- Books for literacy classes for 60 mothers.

In France 66% of the sum you give annually to Planète Enfants can be deducted from your income taxes.
For example if you give 15 euros per month, that makes 180 euros per year, which actually only costs you 80 euros.

We send you a receipt for your tax record during the first trimester of the year following the donation.

Become a sponsor: be a regular donor

This is more than a financial commitment, it is also a moral and emotional commitment. You choose the monthly sum you wish to send to Planète Enfants (minimum 8 euros), which will support the association as a whole in its struggle against the trafficking of human beings and sexual exploitation.
A contribution of 30 euros per year is automatically levied for each god-parent so that they automatically become members and receive an invitation to the General Assemblies.

A powerful gesture: make a bequest or a donation
By making a bequest or a donation you make a decisive action for Planète Enfants, and you ensure that your will for solidarity will be perpetuated.

Through a will a bequest allows you to bequeath all or a part of your possessions, and still permits you to benefit from them during your lifetime.
This donation commits you, irrevocably and without compensation, to give some or all of your property. The donation is effective immediately and must be notarized.
Membership: involve yourself in the life of the association

Membership involves the payment of an annual membership fee to the association. For a minimum of 30 euros it guarantees the very existence of the association, because this money goes to administrative costs. Members are invited to participate in the General Assemblies of Planète Enfants, where they can ask questions and dialogue with the salaried staff and volunteers in the association.

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