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Partners in Nepal

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In Nepal one of the principals for intervention of Planète Enfants is partnership with local associations, a partnership which has several objectives: sharing knowledge in the field, transfer of competency, creating long-term projects.

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Currently several Nepalese associations work with Planète Enfants to evaluate needs, to implement and to follow up on projects:

Shakti Samuha, for the program "Learn, Understand, Act"
CWCN (Child Watabaran Center Nepal) and Change Nepal, for the program "Childhood in Danger"
Saathi, for the program "Passport Against Hell"
Cap Nepal for the reintegration program "Not for Sale"

Shakti Samuha is an organization created by victims of trafficking. Established in 1996, this organization has the primary goal of providing sensitization and information on the subject of trafficking, as well as the reintegration of victims.
Shakti Samuha is a partner of Planète Enfants, in Nuwakot since 2009 and in Bara and Makwanpur since 2010, for the reinforcement of the capacities of women.

Saathi is a Nepalese NGO founded in 1992 with the mandate of struggling against violence towards women and children, and supporting victims. Since 2009, Planète Enfants has worked with Saathi Khatmandu on a center for reintegration of victims of domestic violence, and in Saathi Nepalgunj for a program of struggle against risky migrations and trafficking.

Child Watabaran Center Nepal is an organization founded in 2001 in order to rehabilitate and reintagre the children of the streets. It includes runs shelters, educates children or guides them toward professional training in order to reintegrate them socially and economically. It is a member of "the Alliance for the children of the streets of Khatmandu." CWCN is in partnership with Planète Enfants for the program for prevention of childhood in the streets in the slums.

Change Nepal is an NGO (non-governmental organization) founded in 2003 to aid victims of trafficking and to support them in reintegration into society by defending their rights. Change Nepal also fights for the implementation of the Rights of Man in Nepal, especially the rights of women and the rights of the child.
The NGO provides psychological support to women who are victims of trafficking in order to renew their self-esteem. They also propose programs so they can develop professional competencies, in order to have an economic activity which will permit them to reduce their vulnerability with respect to trafficking by remaining economically independent.
Change Nepal is a partner of Planète Enfants in "Nursery Schools for Hope" in Khatmandu, a project of the program "Childhood in Danger."

Centre for Awareness Promotion (CAP) Nepal is a Nepali non profit, non religious, non political and non-governmental organization established in 2003. Its overall mission is the elimination of all forms of gender-based violences in Nepal, specifically focusing on four forms of violences: socio-cultural discrimination, sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and political oppression. CAP supports communities to empower women, children and socially discriminated people by organizing educational, awareness raising activities as well as direct support.

Change Nepal est le partenaire de Planète Enfants pour le programme des maternelles de l’espoir à Katmandou.

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