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Protect, heal, educate

In Nepal, many children at a young age are left to themselves due to lack sufficient number of public kindergartens. They are in a position of vulnerability to all sorts of abuses.
Planète Enfants program is designed to create a nursery for the children of women operating or working in prostitution in Kathmandu. After a year in this program, children can join a kindergarten or elementary school public.
Has this privileged space for children 2 to 5 years adds the opportunity for mothers, access to vocational training in order to ensure a more serene future.

A few figures

95 children cared for, fed, protected from the violence and educated
90% of them have integrated public primary school
92 families have benefited from parental education

asmitaThe testimony of Anita, 4 years

"Others shouted, scratch each other, throwing objects. Now, we play, we laugh and we eat vegetables!"

Little Anita was 2 years old when she is enrolled in kindergarten. His mother worked in an Institute of «massage» of Thamel. She used to take her daughter with her and the small was exposed to see everything that was happening there.
The team met her during a visit to the Institute and first convinced her to come to the day center to benefit from advice, psychological support and literacy courses.
When the kindergarten was opened, she has been proposed to leave her daughter during the day. The little girl was aggressive, noisy and was crying all the time. After 7 months in kindergarten, she is transformed: glad to be there, she quietly plays with other children. Her parents have found the joy of raising him. Her mother now plans to follow vocational training to change her work. Even though she knows that she will win probably less money she wants to be proud of her profession, for her daughter.

rabinaThe testimony of Rabina, 22 years

"I have sent my son to school and started this small business.
I'm not rich but I am proud to no longer work in a bar girls. "

Rabina, 22 years old, comes from the plain of the Terai in the South of the country. Very young, she leaves her family to escape a violent father and joined that of her boyfriend, with whom she quickly has a child. Her mother-in-law rejects her, the couple is without money and decides to join Kathmandu to find a job. After dozens of doors pushed in vain, Rabina decides to go to work in a restaurant where prostitution is practiced... She worked a year before trusting a social worker who suggests an economic alternative and a place to "Nursery for hope" for her young son.

Rabina chooses to mount a "nanglo shop', literally a shop on plateau, which is a small business installed during the day, in the street, on a large round platter in braided bamboo, with an investment of 120 euros basis to buy her stock. She sells candy, some fruits, biscuits, cigarettes, soap...
She now manages to generate approximately 10 euros of turnover per day, and 90 euros in profit per month, this is enough money to meet the needs of the family and lift a little savings to prepare for hazards.

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"Others shouted, scratch each other, throwing objects." Now, we play, we laugh and we eat vegetables! "

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