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Discovering Planète Enfants

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Planète Enfants is an association for international solidarity founded 20 years ago with the primary goal of helping the street children of Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. Nepal is a small country suffering from great poverty, located in Asia between China and India. Over the years it has become increasingly conscious of the consequences of poverty, ignorance, and despair. The trafficking of human being for the purposes of exploitation is one of its worst manifestations.

Planète Enfants and the trafficking of children

From its inception in 1992 Planète Enfants has fought to defend the rights of all children as spelled out in the 1989 International Convention on the Rights of the Child: the right to an identity (civil status), to an education and to health care, the right to liberty of opinion and expression, access to information, and finally the right to protection against all forms of violence and exploitation.

Over the years it has organized resources around this single struggle: the protection of children against trafficking for sexual exploitation and other forms of violence

After having led projects in several regions in the world (Benin, Kosovo, Morocco, India...) the association chose to concentrate its efforts in Nepal where the situation is alarming. Its programs in this part of the world aim at significantly contributing to the elimination of this scourge by reaching out to the victims and vulnerable populations and by attacking the roots of the problem: poverty, ignorance, and discrimination against girls and women.

Our response

Prevention Protection Reintegration Training Advocacy
Act on causes of child trafficking Protect children at risk or vulnerable Protect, assist and reintegrage victims Capacity building for actions Enhance legal framework and their application

Today Planète Enfants hopes to expand its work to other countries with victims of trafficking and to France, the destination of many of these victims.

Other Struggles of Planète Enfants

Our primary mission is to protect children against trafficking. This is accomplished through education, information, the struggle against the poverty of families, the identification of victims and facilitating their access to justice, etc...

But this is also accomplished through interventions in the communities, with families, with women who have suffered other types of violence which can lead them to become victims of trafficking. We also work against the risks related to migration and the exploitation of migrants; against violence towards women which prevents them from protecting their children; and against prostitution, which is the most frequent form of sexual exploitation and puts the children of prostitutes in danger.

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