Against the exploitation of migrants

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migrants enWhy are migrants such vulnerable persons? We must remember that to move to a foreign country, France or elsewhere, is a risk that one takes. It is the risk of losing everything, including one's dignity. One can migrate to flee from a country where one's life is in danger, or for economic reasons.

Migrants and undocumented persons who are often homeless, without money, without work, are the chosen prey of unscrupulous exploiters. These migrants become cheap labor, prostitutes, slaves....

Planète Enfants take a stand against this reprehensible market by working to make sure that migration is an informed choice and to help migrants avoid the risks of exploitation.

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More than 2 million Nepalese live and work abroad; they represent almost 10% of the population of the country. The money that they send back to their families constitutes the most important block of revenue in the country, above tourism and international aid!

There exists a true economic sector around migration, and this sector arouses greed. Numerous employment agencies, violating existing laws, "sell" naïve candidates "packages" (transportation, passport, visa, work permit) towards countries seeking cheap labor. But these are packages which the workers will spend their whole lives repaying!

Behind the abuse which consists in extracting a maximum amount of money from poorly paid workers who often live in degrading conditions, there hides another scandal.

This involves the women and children who want to try their luck abroad: a larger and larger number of them, in fact, leave their country to seek work outside. Often they are pushed by their families, they cross the open frontier with India hoping to reach the Gulf States, Malaysia, Lebanon... Yet even while some migrations contain real opportunities, most candidates have no papers, no money, no defense against traffickers in India, and end up in a situation of exploitation, or even slavery. This is even true for those who fly towards wealthier nations. These are less frequently victims of prostitution but often find themselves at the mercy of their employer-owner and suffer the worst harassments....

Apart from the hell that these women and children suffer, this phenomenon also deprives hundreds of thousands of children who have been left behind of protection once their mother has left.

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