Against the trafficking of children

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children enHow can one accept that the most vulnerable human beings from one of the most vulnerable countries in the world should be the object of this despicable commerce of trafficking? Children suffer from this scourge under a number of guises: exploitation at work, sexual exploitation, begging or being obliged to steal, international adoption, organ trafficking... always for the profit of those who believe that they own the children they have bought from a trafficker or from a desperate family....

The phenomenon is international, but 2/3 of the victims are Asian.

In every activity of Planète Enfants the struggle against trafficking is represented by programs for the protection and the education of children who are extremely vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation.
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Trafficking in women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation happens along the lines of classical slavery: kidnapping, false promises, transportation to an unknown site, loss of liberty, sexual abuse, violence, and deprivations. Finally subjected to an average of 25 to 30 paid rapes per day, the victims of trafficking are reduced to simple merchandise, sold on the world sex markets. This very profitable business is the activity of organized crime, which has seen an important expansion in the last few years.

Children are particularly vulnerable because they have so few defenses.

Those who suffer from forced labor are often deprived of affection, of schooling, or of play. Beaten down by the long hours of work, the lack of sleep, and of food, they are often victims of violence, including sexual abuse. In Nepal many children are sent to work in circuses in India, where they are forced to perform dangerous acts and are at the mercy of the greed of the entire circus troupe....

The commerce of children is intolerable. How can one allow, in the name of permitting anything to be bought and sold, the sacrificing of young human beings, of inflicting on them the worst physical and mental suffering, of depriving them of their childhood, and of their human dignity in the future?

Our struggle against the trafficking of children is all-encompassing: it includes the struggle against violence towards women, the exploitation of migrants, and the fight against prostitution. It also includes actions taken directly for potentially vulnerable children.

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