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We invite professional structures (corporations, schools, associations...) to establish a partnership with Planète Enfants.

Becoming a partner

As a partner of Planète Enfants you express your participation in its motivations and its struggles, helping to inform the public at large of its humanitarian actions and to develop its international solidarity programs through your support, either financial, in kind, or in human resources. Partnerships, especially when they are long term, also help us to plan our activities in advance and thus function more effectively.

A partnership is also a way to endorse the social and environmental responsibilities of the structure, to improve the quality of its global impact, to gain in visibility, to support its image of civic responsibility, and to find sources of inspiration and motivation for its collaborators. For schools this can become a true community project.

Finally, Planète Enfants is open to sharing its information and experience in the realm of Human Rights and community action with its partners.

Current partners

There are a certain number of private structures that support Planète Enfants in the realization of its projects. They intervene in domains that correspond to their objectives (rights of the child, rights of women, education...) or they support us for the full spectrum of our activities..

Some are patrons or lease-holders, some commit to sending us a percentage of their sales on one or more products, or they organize sales or performances, especially in schools, for our sole benefit. Some offer us free services or help us to raise funds.

Finally, other partners offer Planète Enfants their specialized competencies, or help us in our mission of sensitizing the general public to trafficking.

Financial partners

 europeaidThe European Union used to be the principal lease-holder for our programs of struggle against trafficking. During our last collaboration, it was co-financing a program of community protection in the Teraï (on the frontier between Nepal and India).




logo pprThe PPR group has been supporting Planète Enfants since 2010 on a project which welcomes and reintegrates victims of sexual exploitation in Khatmandu. In addition the PPR group joined with Planète Enfants to create greeting cards for 2011, for the benefit of the association.




logo-poujoulatThe company Cheminées Poujoulat has joined Planète Enfants in support of the first transatlantic race, La Solidaire du Chocolat (The Chocolate Solidarity). This race has a new format since each team now supports the project of an association.

Cheminées Poujoulat, a long-standing sponsor of Bernard Stamm and Bruno Jourdren, has decided to become a sponsor of Planète Enfants and to give us 25,000 euros to help us develop our actions. This sum will allow us to continue our project concerning the prevention of childhood in the streets of the slums of Khatmandu.
Now Cheminées Poujoulat became Planète Enfants' partner in order to help the reintegration of young girls victim of sexual exploitation, through the purchase of bags for its customers and collaborators and through the financial support of all our actions.


agfundThe Agfund foundation (Arab Gulf Foundation for United Development Organizations) entirely finances our program which struggles against migrations at risk.



insolites batisseeurs The "Insolites Bâtisseurs" Foundation supports Planète Enfants' actions and contributes to the financing of the sewing shop.



nomade aventureNomade Aventure brings Planète Enfants to the Insolites Bâtisseurs Foundation.




First officially declared in February 2009, the funds donated by the group of lawyers DELSOL aims to boost organizations of general interest, who develop innovative projects taking into account and encouraging the dignity of the person, especially at work. They have initiated, in cooperation with the Forum National des Associations et Fondation (National Forum of Associations and Foundations) a national competition, after which they choose the three projects which they will support financially. 

On October 27, 2011 Planète Enfants won the first prize, worth 14,000 €! This sum will permit Planète Enfants to put in place a program aiming at improving the living conditions of 100 extremely poor Nepalese women by helping them financially and technically in order to find revenue creating activities (trade, local handicrafts, farming, etc.)


pprfondationCreated in 2009, the PPR Foundation struggles against violence against women and supports development projects for women. It supports Planète Enfants since 2010

on a project to strengthen the capacities of vulnerable women in Nepal to struggle against trafficking and domestic violence. There is also a project for the welcome and reintegration of victims of sexual exploitation in Khatmandu.
The PPR Foundation and Planète Enfants have also joined together to create the 2011 greeting cards for the PPR group, for the benefit of the association.


raja 2017The Raja foundation co-finances a program to strengthen the capacities of women.





logo topruralToprural is the first site for rural tourism in Europe. Each year Toprural dedicates a sum of money to a non-profit. After 3 weeks of voting on Facebook Planète Enfants was chosen by clients of Toprural to receive a gift of 1,000 euros. We extend heartfelt thanks to Toprural and the internet users for their solidarity.


unicefUNICEF co-financed the training for police officers and software engineers who manage the data in our program for the "struggle against the trafficking of human beings."


ile de france regionThe Ile de France region co-financed a project for the "Strengthening of the capacities of women and children against trafficking and domestic violence" in Nuwakot, in Nepal.


logo zolpanZolpan and its associates promote the pursuit of sustainable development. Zolpan manages a fund of 15,000€, to be divided between a maximum of 5 projects for "sustainable development" in environmental, social, or societal domains, in which its collaborators are personally engaged in the framework of an association. Zolpan has gifted Planète Enfants a fund of 2,000€.

legallaisfondationThe corporate foundation Legallais was created at the end of 2010. The foundation has the mission of supporting the accomplishment of works of general interest, in the domains of philanthropy, humanitarian activities, education, or the environment. The foundation brings its support to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups. The foundation Legallais co-finances our project "Nursery Schools for Hope".



credit mutuelThe foundation of the Credit Mutuel was created in 2009 and placed under the aegis of the Foundation of France. The foundation gathers the national activities of patronage of the Credit Mutuel. It intervenes in the domains of solidarity and general interest. In December 2011 the foundation of the Credit Mutuel, in the name of the 9th Prize for Solidarity, granted us the sum of 750 euros.


avivaThe AVIVA foundation: co-finances a program for the reintegration through education of 8 street children welcomed into the shelter of Saathi in Nepal. This will allow them access to professional training to help them obtain work.




dfidThe English Cooperative (DFID) co-financed the training of police officers concerning the "struggle against trafficking of human beings" and helps in the framework of taking charge of victims.


aibcAIBC, an import-export company for agricultural, branded food products (LU. EVIAN, VOLVIC, KRAFT, ORANGINA) not only acts as an exporter towards Africa, but also has a priority for supporting humanitarian actions.

AIBC has joined with Planète Enfants and contributes to the financing of the actions of the association: for each bottle of Evian 2009 designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier that was sold AIBC sent 0.50€ to the association.



aahThe AAH, Association d'Aide à l'Humanitaire (Association for Humanitarian Aid), co-financed a program for the prevention of childhood in the streets of the slums of Khatmandu.




Specialized partners

 voyager autrement"Voyager Autrement" (Travelling Differently) is a subsidiary of Vacances Bleues. Created in 2000, "Voyager Autrement" specializes in "solidarity trips". Thanks to the partnership created between "Voyager Autrement" and Planète Enfants at the end of 2011, 19 patrons of the association participated in a 14 day trip in Nepal, combining the discovery of the beauties of nature and culture in this fascinating country. The travelers also visited the projects of Planète Enfants and met the team on site. The experience will be repeated all the year.


planete urgenceSince September 2011 Planète Enfants has become a partner of the Planète Urgence association. It is a non-profit organization, recognized for its public utility; its objective is to participate in international solidarity actions and to help in the development of research and the protection of the environment. Thanks to this partnership,

Planète Urgence has permitted Planète Enfants to recruit volunteers from the general public and in corporations, and to integrate them in short term missions that support our actions in the field.
To find out more about the actions directed by Planète Urgence, do not hesitate to visit their web site

kering-fondationThe Kering Foundation sends volunteers to Planète Enfants in Kathmandu, as part of the Leave for Change program.



coup de pouce"Coup de pouce" has made volunteers available for us in order to build a community house in the village of



Free services


muskhane 2Muskhane, maker and importer of Nepalese decorative objects provide us with free transportation of our bags from Kathmandu to Paris.



iffigThe printer IFFIG prints the annual report for free


sfr SFR grants us free internet access and free telephone line at our Paris office of Planète Enfants.




ailleurs exactementAilleurs Exactement (Exactly Elsewhere) has graciously created our communication campaign.
The magazines that have published it include: 
-  Courrier Cadre 
-  Le Monde Diplomatique
-  Le Nouvel Observateur


logo cpThe first free service for the dissemination of press communiques allows our association to make its activities known on the internet and to journalists free of charge. Several thousand visitors and contacts occur per day.


google grantsFree publicity for non-profit organizations. Google grants is a program uniquely offered to charitable organizations in order to disseminate AdWords publicity free of charge. We wish to thank this program that since August 2011 has selected Planète Enfants

among its beneficiaries. Thanks to the Planète Enfants bulletins available to internet users we can become better known and spread the word about our struggle against trafficking.


Fund Raising

 asso gestion st louisThe Saint Louis association, since 2001, organizes actions for the benefit of Planète Enfants, through the initiative of a sponsor of Planète Enfants and a teacher at the St Louis high school. We wish to warmly thank the principal, the teachers, and the students for their commitment.


lomontscarsSince 2002 the Lomonts'Car association organizes rallies of exceptional vehicles. The profits from these rallies are entirely gifted to Planète Enfants. We warmly thank the organizers and the participants for their solidarity.





solilandSoliland sends us up to 15% of the purchase price of your purchases from their online stores, if you choose Planète Enfants as beneficiary association. And if you select Solisurf as your home page in order to reach Google, 50% of the revenues paid by Google to Solisurf will be sent to us. This is a simple way to help us free of charge to you.



veoVeoSearch is an innovative online multi-support service (search, shopping, downloads) whose distinguishing feature is the promotion of Sustainable Development in partnership with associations. Planète Enfants is now a partner of VeoSearch. 50% of the revenues generated by publicity are re-distributed to associations sponsored by internet users. The more we gain support from internet users the greater will be the funds raised for our projects.

Visit us on :  HYPERLINK "http://www.veosearch.comhttp://www.veosearch.com 
Sign up for VeoSearch service then select our NGO Planète Enfants if you wish to support us by adding us to "Ma selection". Spread the message to those around you, solidarity is available in one click.

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