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During 20 years of activity Planète Enfants has obtained numerous results, in the area of prevention as well as reintegration and advocacy. These results all contribute to the impact we sought, that is the reduction of the phenomenon of trafficking. In some respects the numbers are impressive (more than 3 million persons informed about the phenomenon of trafficking!), in others more modest (3 or 4 agents of trafficking behind bars...) In any case, they are the proof that one can impact lives and make a difference for the families and in the communities where we intervene. Trafficking is not inevitable!

A few examples of results obtained in Nepal:titre d'illustration, quelques résultats obtenus au Népal :

- More than 3 million persons directly informed about trafficking, violence, their rights,

- 33 villages or urban zones now possess a committee of volunteers trained to act against violence towards children,

- 500 cases of violence dealt with or avoided,

- 11,500 young girls and women followed literacy classes,

- More than 2,000 militants and members of the police force or of city halls trained to act against violence,

- 12,000 candidates for migration informed and/or made a more informed decision to leave,

- Around 400 jobs created (shop keeping, handicrafts, farming...) for vulnerable women,

- 6,000 births registered,

- 100 children protected and cared for in nursery schools,

- 7 shelters and 6 centers created for victims of trafficking and violence

EAnd nearly 1,000 victims helped, provided with medical and psychological services, trained for a profession, and supported to create a worthy and peaceful existence.

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