The Organization and financing

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Planète Enfants is an international solidarity non-profit, with no political or religious affiliation, recognized as an association for the public good by the French authorities.

Planète Enfants was founded by a spontaneous, private solidarity initiative and developed into a professional organization which aims to contribute in a decisive fashion by its actions and its advocacy to the cause that it supports. At the same time that it develops its intervention in Nepal, Planète Enfants now also works in France and is planning on starting missions in other countries where there are victims of trafficking.

Planète Enfants guarantees to its donors a function based on:

  • Economy: a small, effective team, 4 persons in France, 10 in Nepal
  • Efficiency: in 2014 operational costs were limited to 12% of the budget
  • Transparency: accounts are audited by an auditor
  • Viability: 64% of funds come from private investors
  • Recognition: in 1998 Planète Enfants received the Human Rights Prize of the French Republic.

Multiple awards

  • 1998: Human Rights Prize of the French Republic
  • 2002: Recognized as an organism for the public good
  • 2002: Approved by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to send solidarity volunteers abroad
  • 2002: Prize for "foreign documentary" by the Foundation for Childhood, for the report "end of trafficking in Samandradevi in Nepal" broadcast during the program "Faut pas rêver".
  • 2003: Prize for Initiative AGFUND (Program of the Arabic Gulf for development organizations of the United Nations)
  • 2005: Prize for Community Solidarity, Press category
  • 2007: First Prize, "innovative projects in the fight against trafficking" AGFUND 2007: Honorable Mention from the High Council of the International Cooperative (HCCI Haut Conseil de la Cooperation Internationale) for the creation of rehabilitation standards in the shelter for women victims of violence
  • 2011 : First Prize, Funds Gifted by Delsol Lawyers

Strong Values that guide strategy and our choice of methods


- We believe in the solidarity between peoples, in the mutual influence of behaviors, and in the responsibility of each.
- We work to protect children against all forms of violence, regardless of gender, race, nationality, color, or religion.


- We are vigilant to respect the cultures and the sovereignty of countries in which we intervene without renouncing universal values of solidarity and respect for the Rights of Man.
- We act in partnership with local actors, governmental and non-governmental agencies with a goal of complementing their knowledge, their experience, and their history.
- We work with volunteers and communities in order to structure interventions that will fit their concerns..


- We develop and evaluate our projects based on our objectives and on measurable indicators and see to it that we maximize the use of our tools and expertize.
- We commit to limiting our expenses at headquarters as much as possible in order to dedicate the maximum to the support of our projects in the field, and to communicate in all transparency concerning our accounts
- We give a great deal of attention to the financing we accept in order to protect our independence and durability.

The Planète Enfants team is divided between headquarters and Nepal

At Headquarters 

Stéphanie Selle : Director and program coordinator
Paul de Watrigant : Partnerships Manager
Laurence Nail : Administration and management of sponsorships
Frédéric Moniolle : Accounting

In addition there is a team of about 20 volonteers who provide Planète Enfants with their personal expertize: communications, graphics, translation, press relations... or they belong to one of the departmental delegations of Planète Enfants.

In the Field, in Nepal 

Eloïse Jha : National Director
Bir Bahadur Lama : Head of the program "Learn, Understand, Act": prevention of trafficking of women and children
Hari Joshi : Head of the program "Passport against Hell" : for secure migrations
Dibakar Joshi : Responsible for administration and finances
Shristy Joshi : Assistant 
Mary Lama : Upkeep and meals
Hem Lama, Jogmaya, Kendra : security

The Board of Director is composed of 10 members, all volunteers 

Christopher Peterson (Président), Paul Patte (Vice Président), Emmanuelle Bourgueil (Treasurer), Dominique Peterson (Secretary), Gilles Damnon (Board Member), Fanny Guidot (Board Member), Catherine Olivier (Board Member),  Elisabeth Kimmerlin (Board Member),Carole Lajous (Board Member) and  Sandrine Barrosseo (Board Member).

The Board meets 4 to 6 times per year and submits its summary and strategic decisions to the annual General Assembly, to which about 1,500 members are invited.

The Resources    

The bulk of the resources of Planète Enfants come from gifts and sponsorships from private persons (sponsorships are not tied to a particular beneficiary, but finance the totality of the programs of Planète Enfants.

Planète Enfants also functions thanks to financing from institutions and public sources (European Union, DFID, High Commission on Human Rights, Ile de France region....) , foundations (Foundation Agfund, Raja, PPR, Legallais, Credit Mutuel...), enterprises, and associations (la Voix de l'Enfant, Associaton d'Aide à l'Humanitaire).

Rigorous accounts and financial transparency are two rules which have always guided our actions. Each year the accounts of Planète Enfants are audited by an auditor and are put at the disposal of our sponsors, donors, and partners who wish to become acquainted with them.

Planète Enfants is not approved by the Comité de la Charte, as this body only certifies those associations receiving more than 500,000 euros in private donations, which is (not yet!) the case with Planète Enfants.

Origin and disposal of resources 

>>Download the financial report for 2014

>> Our financial partners

§  We act in partnership with local actors, governmental and non-governmental agencies with a goal of complementing their knowledge, their experience, and their history. 

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