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Internet sites and associations committed to the struggle against the trafficking of human beings


Collectif Ensemble contre la Traite des êtres humains :
Cooperative "Together against the Trafficking of human beings"

La Voix de l’Enfant :
The Voice of the Child

Site de référence de la commission européenne : 
Reference site for the European commission

La Fondation Scelles :
The Scelles Foundation

Le Mouvement du nid :
The Nid Movement

Prostitution et société (revue trimestrielle du Mouvement du Nid-France) :
Prostitution and society (quarterly review of the Nid-France Movement)

Bringing an end to the sexual exploitation of children

SOS Femmes :
SOS Women, for women in difficulty and those who support them

United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime

Central Office for the Suppression of Human Trafficking

La Strada :
European Network against Trafficking in Human Beings

Agence ALC-SPRS à Nice :
For persons in need of social re-integration (site has English translation)

Dispositif Ac-Sé :
For persons in need of social re-integration

Amnesty International :
Advocating for respect, protection and promotion of human rights

Sisyphe :
A feminist site for information, analysis, and opinion

Terre des Hommes :
For long-term growth: socially just, ecologically and economically viable, especially for the protection of the rights of the child and their implementation.

Unicef :
Advocating for the health, education, protection, and equality of children

Bringing an end to the sexual exploitation of children

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