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Planète Enfants, in France and in Nepal, calls out to the authorities on the subject of trafficking and one of its immediate causes, prostitution.

In Nepal

The action of speaking up in defense of the cause aims at supporting the partner associations in their own actions of advocacy on specific themes and coordination with our common goal: application of the laws for the protections of children and women against domestic violence and trafficking, the application of laws concerning emigration, the training of local players, especially local authorities in charge of rules and laws, denouncing the acceptance of prostitution.

In France

In France, Planète Enfants strengthens its advocacy with a network of association partners who share all or some of its goals. Our "partner network" allows us to meet our peers and other actors struggling for the protection of children: with them we share best practices, competencies, and exchanges on themes relevant to our action. We are also partner on solidarity Internet sites, which allows us to collect funds and increase our visibility..


Fighting trafficking requires a global understanding of the phenomenon and of the interaction between supply in the countries of origin and demand in the countries of destination. This is the reason Planète Enfants has committed to act together with other associations involved in the same struggle.

For this purpose, in 2010 Planète Enfants joined the cooperative "Together against Trafficking." Founded in 2008, it gathers 26 associations and aims at coordinating the forces which denounce and act against the commerce of persons. Its goal is to persuade politicians, both French and European, to become involved in the struggle against this form of criminal behavior, and to better protect its victims. Each year it organizes a colloquium on the occasion of the European day against the trafficking of human beings. Created in 2008 this cooperative was born of the necessity to join the forces which denounce and act against the commerce of persons. Planète Enfants now brings its knowledge of the field based on its experience and on its proximity to the victims in the countries that originate trafficking.

>> Download the brochure (in French) "Etres humains, victimes de traite"

>> Download the brochure (in French) "L'impact des politiques migratoires sur la traite des êtres humains"

>>To find out more, visit the Internet site for the cooperative (in French) :

In June 2010 a national plan of action for the struggle against the trafficking of human beings was developed by a task force including ministers of the government and associations. Since then advocates have demanded the implementation of the plan.

The movement for the abolition of prostitution

"[...] prostitution and the accompanying evil of the traffic in persons for the purpose of prostitution are incompatible with the dignity and worth of the human person [...] Convention of the United Nations for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others December 2, 1949

Because of its expertise on questions of trafficking of human beings, especially women and children, Planète Enfants shares its belief that prostitution and trafficking are tightly linked phenomena, and particularly destructive for the persons who are its victims.

Observing also that the commerce of human beings for the purpose of sexual exploitation has its roots in the relationship between "supply," emanating from poor countries or zones, and the "demand" constantly on the rise in countries and zones that are more wealthy, it seems that the best position to adopt is to denounce all forms of tolerance of prostitution in our contemporary societies.

Together with other associations such as the Nid movement and the Scelles Foundation, Planète Enfants therefore argues for the abolition of prostitution.

The Voice of the Child

Planète Enfants is affiliated with the Federation of Associations "The Voice of the Child", whose spokesperson is Carole Bouquet. This federation for the aid of childhood in distress has 76 members, including: Aid to Childhood in Tibet, Children and Development, Krousar Thmey, Orphans without Borders, Sports without Borders, etc.... The Voice of the Child co-finances the Planète Enfants project for the prevention of childhood in the streets of the slums in Khatmandu.

Southern Coordination (Coordination Sud)

Since September 2010 Planète Enfants is a member of Southern Coordination, the platform for national coordination of French NGO's for international solidarity. Founded in 1994, Southern Coordination gathers more than 130 NGO's, offering them support in developing their professionalism, in developing visibility with public and private institutions, but also services as watchdog, for the dissemination of information, of advice, and training. In order to find out more, you can visit their Internet site:

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