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Planète Enfants continuously organizes prevention programs for mothers and children in isolated communities; for children in the slums; for aspiring immigrants; and finally for victims of sexual exploitation in bars and restaurants. The aim of the prevention program is to inform and sensitize them to risks, but also to propose alternatives, and a listening ear to help them get out of difficult situations, which generally involve entire families.

To accomplish our goals we work with different groups:

- The general public (consciousness raising, sensitization)

- Vulnerable communities (information dissemination, reinforcement of capacities, psychosocial support, betterment of the quality of life....)

- The authorities and militant local actors (trainings)

Preventing violence means acting on its causes

In order to fight against ignorance, Planète Enfants runs programs for the sensitization of the general public, creates literacy classes for very vulnerable women, and offers sites for advice and information about risks.

In order to fight against poverty, Planète Enfants participates in improving the conditions of life by helping beneficiaries of programs to create professional goals, to undertake activities in the agricultural or business sector, and establishes solidarity savings groups.

It creates a process to assure the long-term existence of the actions thanks to the program "Passing the Relay". The principle is that the person who receives help transmits the equivalent help to another beneficiary who is in need. This is mainly practiced in farming when a woman who receives a couple (goats or pigs) must then give 2 young animals to another beneficiary who then, in turn, gives 2 young animals... The establishment of this solidarity farming perpetuates itself naturally.

In order to fight against violence against women and children - women volunteers, members of "committees of protection", are trained by Planète Enfants to locate cases of violence in village communities: violence between couples, domestic violence (on the part of the family), threats of trafficking, sexual violence, abuse of power, etc. Informed of their rights they are then capable of taking measures to protect victims of violence, organize mediation in the family and refer cases when necessary (for example to the police in order to register a complaint).

Discrimination against women is at the root of much of the violence. By education women about their rights, by facilitating access to justice, and by establishing mechanisms within the women's groups Planète Enfants reduces discrimination. Men are also involved in order to assimilate the concept of a society that is more equal between the sexes, and to participate in these changes.

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