LEARN, UNDERSTAND, Act: Education and protection for women and children

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alphabetisation nuwakotThis program, established in 2007 in the region of Nuwakot, north of Khatmandu, aims at reinforcing capacities for reflection and action through literacy classes, introduction to the culture of the rights of man, sensitization to violence, etc. It includes the establishment of means of community protection through the formation of committees of protection, implemented by volunteers in the village. Finally, the program also sponsors solidarity micro-savings institutions and revenue-generating activities.

It was implemented in the districts of Rolpa, and Salyan (Southeast) until October 2010; the activities continue in the committees of protection. It has also operated in the districts of Bara and Makwanpur since November 2010. (Southeast) 

Key statistics: 

Number of direct beneficiaries since the start of the program:

. 500 cases of violence addressed or avoided
. 1,300 young girls and women in literacy classes
. 230 supported in the start-up of economic activities
. 1,500 members of solidarity micro-credits
. 6,000 children registered for birth certificates

Duration of a program: 18 to 30 months
Number of projects initiated: 3
Size of the team working on the project: 13 persons

Local partner:

Shakti Samuha is an organization created by victims of trafficking. Established in 1996, this organization has the primary goal of providing sensitization and information on the subject of trafficking, as well as the reintegration of victims.
Shakti Samuha is a partner of Planète Enfants, in Nuwakot since 2009 and in Bara and Makwanpur since 2010, for the reinforcement of the capacities of women.

The Rural Women's Development Center is an NGO founded in 1993 in Dang, in the Western part of the Terai. The president, of Tharu ethnicity, struggles against discrimination of all sorts, and specifically against discrimination of gender, for justice and dignity for all. She works especially for the most vulnerable women without land, and acts in particular to produce revenue generating activities. With Planète Enfants she has developed this program, which is co-financed by the European Union, to fight against trafficking in the West of the country.

Technical file

Geographical location: isolated villages of Nepal

Beneficiaries: vulnerable women and their children

Intervention strategy
Sensitization of public opinion to trafficking and sexual exploitation
-Radio programs
-Distribution of calendars and brochures about the rights of Man
-Awareness building for local authorities

Respect for the rights of the Child
-Creation of "committees of protection" in order to identify cases of violence and learn how to deal with them
-Information and support for the civil registration of births

Education and information for vulnerable communities
-Establishment of groups of women, literacy classes and information on the protection of children, their rights and the law

Improving quality of life
-Training for truck farming and animal farming
-Revenue-generating activities
-Solidarity farming
-Micro-savings groups

Reintegration of victims
-Legal support to facilitate victim access to justice
-Assistance for former victims of trafficking and violence

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