NOT FOR SALE: Program for assistance and reintegration of victims of sexual exploitation

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centre  pour  femmesThe program "Not for Sale" includes all the projects for shelter and reintegration of victims that Planète Enfants has initiated with its Nepalese partners. Once a center is autonomous, technically and financially, Planète Enfant supports a new project, in a new center. The center that we established in 2010 with Cap Nepal has the mission of sheltering young girls, mostly minors, prostitutes in Khatmandu.

The "leisure" sector in Khatmandu, capital of Nepal, in bars, restaurants, massage institutes, is particularly in demand of young recruits who are naïve and docile. They are hired as waitresses, but 50% of them in fact are forced into prostitution, pressured to perform sexual "services" for clients and even for the boss. Most are under-paid and forced to perform all sorts of acts against their will.

They are controlled by force, by fear, and by the lack of alternatives.

In Khatmandu and its suburbs, their number is estimated at 20,000 to 40,000. One third are children and it is estimated that a great majority are recruited before the age of 18. Raped, abused, exploited or in situations of modern slavery, 90% of them want to change the work they do.

Key Statistics

Fourth center for reintegration supported technically and financially by Planète Enfants
Average age of residents: 16.5 years
Capacity of Cap Nepal center: 15 young girls or women, plus their children.
Number of young prostitutes reintegrated: 60

Local Partner: Cap Nepal

Centre for Awareness Promotion (CAP) Nepal is a Nepali non profit, non religious, non political and non-governmental organization established in 2003. Its overall mission is the elimination of all forms of gender-based violences in Nepal, specifically focusing on four forms of violences: socio-cultural discrimination, sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and political oppression. CAP supports communities to empower women, children and socially discriminated people by organizing educational, awareness raising activities as well as direct support.

Technical file

Geographical location: Khatmandu

Children and young girls victims of prostitution and sexual exploitation, and their children

Intervention Strategies

-Reception of victims and immediate assistance
-Legal support
-Medical and psychological services
-Schooling and informal education
-Recreational activities
-Professional training and assistance in economic reintegration
-Reintegration and follow up of victims

-Sensitization to the realities of prostitution, to the protection of victims and advocacy for the adoption of minimum standards of rehabilitation for victims in Nepal.
-Sensitization and advocacy against trafficking and for the abolition of prostitution in France

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