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What does the term protection include? Protecting a vulnerable person, a child in particular, means establishing mechanisms which aim to prevent this person from becoming a victim of violence or exploitation.

Guaranteeing respect for the rights of the child 

No one can ignore the law.... Nepal has ratified the CIDE (the International Convention for the Rights of the Child of the UN) and national legislation has made progress in this direction. Nevertheless, in daily life, how can very poor communities, without education, and often very isolated, have knowledge of the rights of the child?

In each community in which it is active, but also with elected officials and administrators Planète Enfants disseminates and explains the rights of the child and encourages their respect.

Creating committees of protection

The committees of protection are taken from educational classes aimed at vulnerable women, and are composed of students who volunteer. The committee for protection is a physical rampart against violence: it is the means for detecting it and repairing it.

Welcoming and protecting victims of violence and survivors of slavery

Planète Enfants supports a center for welcoming victims and their being taken in charge by the social workers of the center. This is a place where each can be heard – children, or women who have often lost everything without ever having possessed anything. Inside the walls of the center painful life stories find resolution thanks to the feeling of security that the victims find there.

Offering social and economic protection to women candidates for emigration and their children 

Women who arrive at border crossings with the plans of emigrating for financial reasons most frequently do so under pressure from their environment. These women are identified at the border or in police headquarters and can obtain measures of protection such as: alternative solutions to departure, psychosocial support for an individual, a couple or a family.

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