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Since 2004 Planète Enfants has developed a multi-disciplinary approach with its partners (associations, lawyers, psychologists, educators, social workers), for the persons it welcomes to its shelters. This approach is based on attention to the needs and desires of the persons, as well as taking the local context into consideration.

It is based on a process defining the services offered (medical, psychological, legal, socio-economic) as well as conditions of minimum standards (number and roles of professionals required, project establishment, types of activities...) that need to be put in place so that reintegration can be effective.

In Nepal the strategy of Planète Enfants is to extend this method, whose value is validated and recognized as a model for taking victims in charge.

The different stages 

  • Reception of victims
  • Urgent help, and evaluation of the appropriateness of welcome to the shelter
  • Taking the victim in chargee
  • Evaluation of needs (medical, psychological, legal, family, educational, etc.)
  • Rehabilitation activities (psychological support, legal aid, professional training, informal education and recreational activities)
  • Reintegration process (preparing for departure, aid at the moment of departure and follow-up)
  • Reinforcing the capacities of the team at the shelter

Key statistics

  • Number of beneficiaries: 15 to 25 per shelter
  • Length of a program: 18 to 36 months
  • Number of projects established: Planète Enfants is actually in its 4th project
  • Size of the team in one shelter: 5 to 8 persons

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