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Nepal is characterized by a highly centralized administrative structure and a lack of infrastructure and materials. Sharing information between central administrations and the numerous districts outside of Khatmandu is difficult.

Trainings organized by Planète Enfants have the goal of reinforcing national capacities for action at every level: local authorities, associations, women's groups, youth clubs... and to provide technical support for the existing protection network in order to develop their know-how and to multiply their impact.

Training is the cornerstone of the programs in order to establish the actions of Planète Enfants in the long-term. It takes many forms and addresses highly diverse groups.

Training for beneficiaries provide basic skills (reading, writing, and counting) as well as competencies and information: the rights of Man, health, hygiene, education....

 - Training for groups of women volunteers who work on our projects: the aim of Planète Enfants is to transfer its know-how to those participating in the committees for protection in order to allow them to continue the life of the group and to protect the village community beyond the actual period of the initial project,

- Training for local authorities and elected officials in order to present the laws and the means for enforcing them: for example the rules concerning immigration or the registering of births with the police, laws relating to the rights of Man, to trafficking, and to violence against women.

 - Training for local associations: on the rights of persons, laws and regulations, particularly concerning the trafficking of human beings and domestic violence, and also on how to concretely coordinate their actions and means of intervention,

- Training on operations and organization for partner associations (evaluation tools, fine tuning a project, follow-up...), such as the management of human resources, of finances, of association projects...

- Training for personnel of associations, according to their professions: teachers, psychologists, social workers, project coordinators, facilitators, migration counselors
- Training for youth and high schools in France: Education au Dévéloppement (EAD)

logo planete-urgencePLANETE URGENCE (Planet in Crisis)
Since September 2011 Planète Enfants is in partnership with Planète Urgence, a non-profit association recognized for its public utility, whose aim is the participate in international solidarity actions and to help in the development of research and the protection of the environment. Thanks to this partnership Planète Urgence recruits volunteers from the general public or from corporations, and instructs them to intervene on short-term projects in support of actions we lead in the field. They focus especially on the training of teams and volunteers. In order to find out more concerning the actions of Planète Urgence, to not hesitate to visit their Internet site:

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